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Written by SPI team, edited by John Kwok, PhD candidate, History researcher [pictures will be included soon]    “Sacred” Trees in Singapore In 2007, a road accident involving a roadside African Mahogany tree at Jurong in Singapore was published in the local press. The focus however, was not the tragedy of the accident, but the tree […]

Finding Clues on the Bukit Batok Rape cum Murder

      A young lady while jogging in Bukit Badok Reserve Park was gang raped, scorned and she died on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2001. At the opening of Hungry Ghost Festival (12:00am, Lunar 14 July), SPI revisited the original murder scene and investigated using both psychic methods and scientific equipment, hoping to […]

Ghost Hand Prints on My Back

Fake or genuine? Lately it has been a large number of spam emails circulating around our community, with a title “Avoid Siloso beach, Sentosa – Singapore”. Have you also received one or two? It looks like one of those friendly advisory mails that warn us a piece of danger, with real life experiences (bad and […]

Devil’s Jetty

View of Haunted Jetty in early morning Written by SPI Agent Koolad This is a report written from my personal encounters and other witnesses’ of a dangerous (both spiritually and physically) place at ECP. Coincidently a number of strange incidents happened, thereby the place is reputedly haunted. May it be paranormal or not, I hope […]

The Mystery of Bukit Timah Tomb and Hungry Ghost Howls

What are the secrets of the caves in Bukit Timah Hill? 1. First cave; 2. Second cave; 3. Third cave; 4. SPI discovered a mysterious tomb in Bukit Timah Written by John Kwok, PhD candidate, History researcher The Mystery A thick mystery has canopied SPI for some years. It all started from a posting made […]

Paranormal Photos Captured in SPI Halloween Bash 2007?

A face from the top is receiving the offering? A real ghost or just some resemblance of facial features in the smoke? The Story Behind these Photos These photos were taken as normal documentary photos during our SPI activities. Special thanks to Desmond who luckily photograhed them. In year 2007, SPI invited Master Wilson from […]