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Unseen & Unspoken – The Paranormal Zone

Our cameras were able to capture what is unseen to the naked eye entered the infamous Nam Hoe Villa to uncover the sequence of occurrences that it had undergone since the very day it was built. Source : http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/paranormal/unseen-unspoken.html

Korean Kpop idols mystery “ghosts” ?


Top 15 Scary Paranormal Mysteries At Schools

In this top 15 list, we look into the mystery of some paranormal events that happened at schools around the world. A school is supposed to be a designated place of learning, but in these cases the supernatural took priority. Here’s our analysis of these events and let us dive into the horror of these […]

Places in Singapore with a dark past

ORCHARD ROAD The Chinese cemetery in Orchard Road had 25,000 to 30,000 graves which were cleared in the 1950s. PHOTO: ST FILE Did you know that parts of Singapore’s most famous shopping belt sit on former graveyards? Where Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City now stand was a cemetery called Tai Shan Ting. In 1845, […]

Nanny sought for ‘haunted’ house in the Scottish Borders

CHILDCARE.CO.UK/PA Alleged incidents in the house have included strange noises and moving furniture A Borders couple are offering £50,000 a year for a nanny – but the successful candidate must be prepared to face potential “supernatural incidents”. Five nannies in the past year have blamed their departure on spooky happenings in the “haunted” house. The […]

5 local ghost stories you’ve never heard before

1. THE PONTIANAK IN THE SCHOOL TOILET Jane Surin, 29, Dance Studio Manager “This happened when I was in Secondary 3 at a girls’ school in the East. It was around 6.30pm, and three of us — Calli, Mel and I — headed to a restroom. There had been rumours about weird happenings in this […]