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The Orbs Controversy

Author: SPI Mathwizard Disclaimer: The opinion below belongs to the author and does not represent views of Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) What are orbs? “What are orbs?” This is the question that most people who have little knowledge of paranormal research will likely to ask when others talking about taking orbs photos. Orb is the […]

Woody Lodge

Woody Lodge ¡@ 1. The freaky wall with graffiti at the front of Woody Lodge; 2. The back view of Woody Lodge that looks like a prison 3. A giant old tree under which stand three divine altars housing over dozens of Chinese deities; 4. Kampong Lorong Buang Kok Mourning from the Living Ghosts There […]

The Top 10 Singapore Mythical Stones – Part 1

Singapore is geologically gifted with bountiful granite resources. There are many strangely shaped nature rocks scattered around. Perhaps as a matter of cultural practices, many such rocks do get mystified by the belief of Animism – life can be empowered into physical objects like natural woods and stones. This belief has escalated and become wide-spread […]

The Mysteries & Memories Of Tanjong Rhu

The Mysteries & Memories Of Tanjong Rhu “Did You Know” mysteries include: 1. The Tanjong Katong Fort was used to be an unknown U-Shaped concrete in the old days 2. A fountain is built on a popular triad meeting place; 3. A strange rock is said to relate to bloody killing and resembles a tomb […]

The Tragic Past of Galang Camp

The Tragic Past of Galang Camp 1. Very depilated camp house; 2. Medical facility; 3. Abandoned hospital; 4. Haunted camp house from which ghost cries were said to be heard. SPI investigated and the results will be featured in another article. 1. Bridging to another section of the town where there are town hall and […]

What is a ghost?

What is a ghost? What is a ghost?  This is a common question pertaining to the Paranormal.  Our definition of a ghost is the spirit of a departed person who has not yet entered onto another “Higher Plane” of existence after Death.  The spirit remains earthbound.  Every living thing has a spirit.  When something dies […]