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The Mysteries & Memories Of Tanjong Rhu

The Mysteries & Memories Of Tanjong Rhu “Did You Know” mysteries include: 1. The Tanjong Katong Fort was used to be an unknown U-Shaped concrete in the old days 2. A fountain is built on a popular triad meeting place; 3. A strange rock is said to relate to bloody killing and resembles a tomb […]

The Tragic Past of Galang Camp

The Tragic Past of Galang Camp 1. Very depilated camp house; 2. Medical facility; 3. Abandoned hospital; 4. Haunted camp house from which ghost cries were said to be heard. SPI investigated and the results will be featured in another article. 1. Bridging to another section of the town where there are town hall and […]

What is a ghost?

What is a ghost? What is a ghost?  This is a common question pertaining to the Paranormal.  Our definition of a ghost is the spirit of a departed person who has not yet entered onto another “Higher Plane” of existence after Death.  The spirit remains earthbound.  Every living thing has a spirit.  When something dies […]

Types of Ghosts

Types of Ghosts It is indeed a tough job to precisely classify ghosts.  There are lots of different types of ghost, which behave in lots of different ways.  The variety of reported hauntings spells trouble for theories about where ghosts come from, because any theory that claims to be able to ‘explain’ ghosts also has […]

Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm

Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm A common paranormal phenomenon that is encountered are vortexes and ectoplasm.  These are just as common as orbs for the most part.  As in orbs there are also theories on this phenomenon.  We also have our own theories on this just as anyone else would.  Personally, we believe that vortexes […]

The Strange Case of SIA flight SQ006

The Strange Case of SIA flight SQ006 Written by SPI Research team: Scapula and Portagee   Yuiiko has taken this strange photo by chance in the flight cabin; Is it an anomaly or a camera fault? Recently the crash of Singapore Airlines flight SQ006 in Taipei in 2000 was mentioned in the SPI public forums.  […]