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The below contents have not been scientifically proven by medical science to be accurate. Information are based on research from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators – Spiritual and Cultural Belief Department and experience from eye witnesses’ accounts. Advice are provided from individual spiritual healers from different religious school of thoughts and believe.

The History Possession is a preternatural phenomenon which happened not only in this century but centuries and centuries ago. Most religious text have documented preternatural possession happenings from thousands of years ago. The cure for this phenomena is know as Exorcism.

The Science Medical

Science believe that there is always a reasonable and rational explanation that possession is not real. On a theological and psychiatric level, a subject could be suffering from “Temper-lope Censure” which is a form of epilepsy. This form of chronic seizure can normally be caused by the malfunction of the human brain’s electrical activities . In some cases, the subject can experience hallucinations, delusion, hyper psychological thoughts and hyper religious thoughts. They can act in a hyper violent manner when threatened or provoked .

The Spiritual point of view

Possession occurs when a spirit /demon took possession of an individual’s physical body. Most common situation before a person gets possessed: 1) Infestation 2) Oppression 3) Possession


Infestation is when a spirit / demon is active in a space or area. They have attached their energy or made their mark on material things or places. Its like the entity claim ownership of the house or location .


Oppression happens when the entity focus emotional energy towards a subject , disorientating ones’ mental state. Feelings of anger, sadness will overcome the victim, leading to depression.


The Final stage of spiritual attack is when the entity has control of a subject’s physical body. Meaning the Subject has no control of himself. Acts of violence , vulgarity or supernatural behavior can be projected.

Types of possession

1) Spirit possession

Spirits are remembrance of a human’s consciousness. They need energy to manifest or to portray acts in our realm . They are weak if no source of energy is found. Spirit possession is temporary. As fast as minutes to days. Subject can be healed easily .

2) Elemental spirit possession (*new)

Elemental are the spirits of nature. They have no physical form and dwell in the elements of nature. Eg: Tree spirit, earth spirit, water spirit, forest spirit, mountain spirit etc. They too can be in the form of animals and beasts. Only when provoked than they attack by possession . Subjects being attacked can take weeks to purge them out of a physical body. Normal cases can be solved / cured by apologizing or by doing an offering to them, asking for forgiveness. Subjects can be cured upon sincere apologizing and spiritual display of faith.

Demonic possession

Demons are from the darkness in the lower relm. They existed from the begining of time. Demonic possession can be destructive. Subjects’ lives can be on the line. Hardest case to solve of possession ever documented are demonic possessions. Subjects need to seek professional help from experience or powerful spiritual healers.

What leads to spiritual possessions? – Disrespecting the spiritual realm – Exploration of unknown places rumored to be haunted – Exploration of board games like saucer fairy (asian) , ouiji board (western ) – Devil worshiping – Black magic and curses

Word of Advice If any case of possible possession occurs, do not handle it by yourself . Seek help from spiritual experts like monks, taoist priests , pastors , fathers , parawats and last but not least a Psychiatrist.

Information/Research by
Kenneth Jee Head of Spiritual and Cultural Belief Department of Singapore Paranormal Investigator

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Contributed by :

Desmond Wong
Singapore Paranormal Investigators


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