Devil’s Jetty

View of Haunted Jetty in early morning

Written by SPI Agent Koolad
This is a report written from my personal encounters and other witnesses’ of a dangerous (both spiritually and physically) place at ECP. Coincidently a number of strange incidents happened, thereby the place is reputedly haunted. May it be paranormal or not, I hope this report would instigate some ripple effects to making it a safer place for anglers and visitors who hang out there.

Location is situated at St Patrick’s canal, behind Marine Terrace. Commonly known to fishermen as “Four Pipes”. At the jetty you can breath some fresh air, catch a good view of where a blue sky and sea merged at a horizon. It is simply relaxing to stroll along the sandy beach. Best of all, there are plenty of fish to catch. It seems like a serene getaway paradise from the busy urban life. Little anybody would know about its dark side. Read on, the following horror but factual incidents that took place right there, will thrill you.


The following pictures are taken at a rare -0.02 tide.


The true physical dangers of the platform(jetty) for tides above 2.8m would flood the platform causing moss and algae to thrive. Slippery without any barriers or railings to prevent falling into the rock filled seabed.


Left over pilings are still in the seabed, as you can see.


View of the right side.


View of the left side. As I was seabed surveying, I’ve noticed something on the left seabed that looks similar to a Taoist instrument “ba gua” (Chinese Feng Shui symbol). I didn’t take any photo of it as this pictures were meant to be for fishing. The suspected “ba gua” is in a pentagon shape, red in colour that’s all i’ve seen for the rest is under a huge rock and the only time to see it again is to wait for another -0.02 tide, usually at around 6am. Was the “ba gua” related to some haunting or exorcism at the site? Or just that somebody disposed what supposed to be a sacred item at sea, literatelly letting it return to nature?

In a separate incident, a stone “ba gua” was picked up by chance in a similar sea bed at low tide. This time, it is in a form of stone seal, diameter of about the size of a human palm. Probably it is carved or pressed on a piece of concrete. The mystery is not only how on earth it ended up in a sea shore, but what exactly that thing is and what it was used for.


Different angles of the mysterious ba gua stone

1-3 Comparing with the size of an one dollar coin; 4. The fresh look of the ba gua stone when it was first discovered from the shore

Scary Incidents

In the recent months May and June 09, it has already claimed 2 lives due to drowning cases at the site of the jetty.

The following is an eyewitness account: On 15th June 09, a lady was spotted walking down the beach and suddenly turned hysterical, running into the sea looking like trying to drown herself. Luckily there were two helpful guys who saw the commotion and pulled her outta the sea in time.

I wasn’t at the scene of that incident as reported but told by witnesses (one whom is reliable doesn’t talk “crap”), so I couldn’t describe much about the lady. This is how the lady was described: Eyes were noted rolled back, only whites were seen. Mouthful filled with sand and harsh English vulgarities spitting outta of her at the top of her voice. The English vulgarities are utterance of a series of common 4-letter words “f*ck” and other insulting adjectives, behaving like a demon not humanly. Strength of a superhuman for a Chinese lady. Shortly after the police and paramedics were called in. Psychotic torment, ghostly possession or on drugs?

Happening in the scene

Sand was even thrown inside the policeman’s shirt for trying to restrain her, shortly after the police managed to cuff her and brought her back.

When I have first heard of this incident from witnesses who have seen what happened moments ago, my first thought was just another depressed soul going for suicide. It made me think twice however when they carried on the description – the details of how superhuman she was with a demonic behaviour like it’s trying to kill the human and not the average suidcial “I wanna die”, and the way the “demon” was taunting the cops even fooled them. (just like how you see in the movies, it’s not insanity but rather another “thing” controlling her). The woman’s behaviour is almost the same of other incidents nearby.. probably 300m away. The last suicide i’ve heard is at bedok jetty but not at the 4pipes here.

Talking about depressed souls, I have not seen/noticed any depressed individual there, for most would be further down nearer to McDonald’s restaurant where they can sit around. As far as I know, the likely causes of the drownings here are mostly accidents due to slippery grounds, not suicides. And that relates to another spooky instance which I am going to tell next.

Snapshots from movies of how a possessed woman looks like. The look must be dramatized when compared to real-life cases

In the first incident, I did not get to have a close look at the possessed woman. But almost at the same place, I have my personal encounter of interacting of a phantom woman that freaked me out.

One night I was fishing alone and a young lady wearing shirt skirt walked up to me, saying nothing but just stared at me… At first I was at loss for words because that place is in total darkness. She was quite near me from where she was passing. She left shortly after a while saying “very slippery” in Mandarin with a heavy China accent. She probably was saying to herself. Out of kindness, I advised her to watch her steps. Strangely she didn’t respond to me when I told her to be careful. With just my head turn in a nick of second, she “vanished” out of sight.
I thought to myself, the woman was probably curious of me fishing here. So she approached me. She didn’t feel right because of the slippery rocks, she might have decided not to proceed and walked off without replying me after I told her to be careful. It just happened too quickly. How can a normal human disappeared suddenly out of sight in such a huge open space? A moment ago she was still gingerly navigating herself out of the rocks.

My skeptic mind kicks in, thinking that it may be normal that human would look ‘disappearing away’ when visibility is at low, to the extent of few meters. Was that lady a ghost or human? That place is well known to be frequent by beach strollers/couples in addition to fishermen. The place is very dark for the nearest lights are about 50~80meters away.

To me the place is a paradise for fishermen. But most anglers would prefer to stay away at night because of the terrain is too dangerous physically. Hearsays of spooks cast fear on people that makes fishing activities more risky. By my personal gut feel, nothing spooky nor depressing was at the beach, but I sensed a strong spooky feeling at the pedestrian bridge which is at the back of the canal aboutt 150~200m away. Next I will tell more.

SPI Yuiiko helps reenacting the girl who walked in skirt at night
She was trying to test the walking speed at which a human may appear ‘out of sight’ in darkness
There however, seems to be an orb following her…

As the orb is enlarged, do you percieve the orb resembles a smiling human face or just a bunch of random pixels?

The pedestrian bridge behind has stories of woman laughters or babies cries heard

The canal where possession took place before

This is the last paranormal incident I talk of in this report around the area. As shown in the photo below, the pedestrian bridge behind has stories of woman laughters or babies cries heard that come out of nowhere. Does this incident sure sound familiar? As I myself have encountered decades ago (refer to: The Grim Side of East Coast Park) and it happened within a 300m range apart of each other. This is a third reported known incident with similar kind of possessions that took place. Common factors are noted: During the mid year (month of June), victims eyes rolled back only whites are seen, superhuman strength for females, clear harsh english vulgarities. Is this the work of some demons who dwell around this place? Or a pure coincidence of psychotic problems that went wrong at those places? The truth is out there…