Ghost Marriage

Do ghosts get married? Why do they demand so? How was such spiritual wedding like? In this intriguing investigation, SPI exclusively interviewed the Taoist Priest in-depth from Seng Wang Beo Temple who has many years of experiences in conducting this ghost marriage ritual. The observation of such amazing ritual was documented and published for research purposes. Ghost marriage is one of the most controversial occult activities under the scrutiny of religions. At the same time, it is also an epitome of cultural belief blended with a high degree of paranormal concepts. Can human souls be really summoned up from Hell and then be pronounced to a legally married couple in the underworld? Is it a classic of Taoist magic or simply a ridiculous hoax? SPI presents to you the raw facts and insights of this paranormal phenomenon. You’d be your own judge to evaluate this incredible myth.

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Investigation and Interview of a Spirit Wedding
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Information Research on Syonan Jinja
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