Melbourne Creepy Encounter (contributed story)

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This happened many years back when I was living in Melbourne.

I stayed in my first apartment on Flinders Street for almost a year and nothing really happened until a classmate came to stay over for the night. He didn’t want to sleep in his home because he kept complaining that he saw a lady in cheongsum in his living room looking at him. Thinking he probably needed friends, we agreed to let him sleep in our living room. In the early wee hours, he started to knock frantically at my roomie’s door asking her to open the door. My roomie open and to her horror, saw him pale and shaking all over. He rushed into her room, took his blanket and crouch at the foot of the bed with his blanket covering from the head. When she asked him what had happened, he kept mumbling something about a very angry lady. My roomie had no idea what he was talking about and couldn’t be bothered much. So she went to bed. He stayed like this till morning….not sleeping.

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The next morning (when we were more awake), we sat him down and asked him what actually happened. He said that he couldn’t sleep that night and when he turned towards the kitchenette (our apartment is in such a way that the living room and my roomie’s room faces the kitchenette….mine faces the living room with window opening to the cathedral. He said that he saw a lady in a green victorian dress standing at the kitchenette staring at him. At that moment, the hair on my back started to stand and goosebumbs were felt. Then my roomie asked is that why our apartment was the only available one and has it got something to do with being on the 13th floor. Well frankly, I don’t think so. I thought it was quite a nice and quiet place .

From then on, my classmate never stay over at our place anymore. That was the last time…which was good coz it was really inconvenient having a guy in the apartment (you see, our room doors doesn’t come equipped with a lock). As for my roomie and I, well…..we soon forgotten about the incident.

The time came when our contract with the apartment ended and we had to part. I found another place on Lygon Street shared with my friends from church (used to be a dental clinic…converted to a home..I got the room with the sink). After a tiring move, it was night and I was really tired. So leaving things as it is and wanting to unpack the next morning, I fell asleep. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling a presence lying on top of me. I forced my way up and started to do things I never thought I would do. Now that I think back, it was really funny. Instead of feeling scared, I got angry. I really don’t like to be woken from my sleep…that’s why the anger. I stood in the middle of the room, pointed at the 4 corners of the room and shouted “I bless this corner in the name of Jesus, I bless this corner in the name of Jesus…etc”. When all corners were blessed, I shouted “I claimed this room in the name of Jesus, Devil…BE GONE!” Feeling satisfied, I went back to bed thinking “Devil, what can you do to me now .”

When I woke up the next morning feeling fresh and thinking back about what had happened the night before, I started to wonder where that came from. How on earth did I know how to bless a room and where did that courage come from.

A few months later, my housemates decided that we will move again. This time, I wanted to stay alone. So I chose a studio apartment opposite Carlton Garden. Love to watch possums play around the trees at night and watch them snatch the green apples I threw on the grass for them. Shortly after moving in, my friend asked if I ever wonder why the previous tenant moved out so quickly and how come I managed to get the fully furnished apartment at such a good price. I told him that I never bother coz I only wanted the process to be fast. So fast that I went down to the agent’s office to sign the rental agreement without even viewing the place. Impatience is the keyword!!

One day, when the ex-tenant came to collect his letters from me, he told me to be careful of the wall in the toilet coz it collapse before. Yikes!!! Did anyone die? The ex-tenant said no but his friend nearly got hurt. When I told my friend about this, he said that his friend was the tenant before my previous one. She left in a hurry because she saw something in the apartment. Then he asked if I felt anything. I said no, not even on the first night when my stuffs were not in yet. I dismissed that as rumours.

Nearing the end of the year, a bunch of friends and my parents came over to visit me in Melbourne. Like any good Singaporeans would do, I invited them to cramp over at my place so as to save on hotels. Nothing happened until one morning, my friend asked what I was doing the night before squatting near his bag? I insisted that I wasn’t so free to squat near his bag in the middle of the night. He said he really saw me although my back was facing him. He said that I was wearing a white flowy night gown. I immediately fought back and said that I wore t-shirts and PJ pants to sleep. I don’t wear night gowns. That shut him up. That was really good coz I had peace the whole day…he was really quiet…my mum did most of the talking.

So that’s all for my Melbourne stories.

Contributed by Ms Anna Ng, from Singapore

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