Paranormal Photos Captured in SPI Halloween Bash 2007?

A face from the top is receiving the offering?
A real ghost or just some resemblance of facial features in the smoke?

The Story Behind these Photos

These photos were taken as normal documentary photos during our SPI activities. Special thanks to Desmond who luckily photograhed them.

In year 2007, SPI invited Master Wilson from Malaysia conducted a series of experiments verifying the efficacy of some Talisman spells.

Information about the experiments can be found here.

Photo Analysis

During the experiments, members are welcome to take photos in the hope of probably capturing some paranormal elements. SPI Desmond has two lucky shots. One is on top of the smoke in the orbs of offering burning – he got a face hovering above the smoke instead of orbs. He felt a there was a force pressing down from above, and got this shot.

The other is the opposite. A force rising from below the wooden masks, as if some invisible entity was standing up from the buried hole, like a huge jinn squeezing out from Aladdin’s lamp.

The EXIF data from both photos show that was taken from a Nokia 6288 camera-phone. The photos are authentic and had never been doctored.

Nevertheless, skeptics would call these faces in the smoke merely Simulacra. It is known in psychology that our human minds are at best in recognizing “faces” since birth. In the infant stage, every baby first would be able to recognize mother’s face before anything else.

The sensation of presence of entities from the smoke could probably be due to the eerie atmosphere, plus the expectation of something freaky was going to happen during the experiments.

A demon being summoned up in the experiment by the Taoist magic?
Or just shapes smoke playing tricks in our minds?

What view is yours in this case? Welcome to share you opinion