Theories of Paranormal

What is SPIcopedia?

Put simply, it is a short form for SPI’s encyclopedia that gives commonly used definitions and descriptions on paranormal terms.  To most people, the mind often wonders, “Do spirits exist?”.  Not having an answer to this question sends our minds in a different direction complexly, “How do they exist?”.  As a member of SPI we will seek and analyze tangible indisputable evidence in an effort to discern the nature and/or type of paranormal phenomena.  During the collection of data and researching various subjects, many of us have come across or deduced theories as to the possible existence, nature and/or cause of such phenomena.  There are no clear answers as of yet, to why or how spirits exist, but we do present some theories in SPIcopedia.  You are invited to share your views with us.

  •     Haunted House Explained (Part 1) Spaces of transition: New light on the haunted house
  •     Haunted House Explained (Part 2) Common false alarms in house hauntings
  •     Haunted House Explained (Part 3) How to know if your house is haunted
  •     Ghost Explained (Part 1) The Quest to understand life after death
  •     Ghost Explained (Part 2) Exploring the other side
  •     Ghost Explained (Part 3) Dealing with ghosts
  •     Ghost Explained (Part 4) Another theory of ghosts: Plasma and psychospheres
  •     Four Main Spirit Entities
  •     What is a Ghost? (updated on 1/11/2003)
  •     Theories on Ghosts
  •     Theories on Orbs
  •     Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm
  •     The Electrical Nature of Paranormal Activity
  •     Cold Spots
  •     Energy of the Human Body
  •     Psychometric Impression
  •     Poltergeist Activity
  •     Releasing Entities and/or Clearings

Other topics:

  •     A-Z Paranormal Dictionary
  •     Legends, Myths, Religious facts, Definitions
  •     How Much Does the Soul Weigh?
  •     Types of Ghosts
  •     Appearances of Ghosts (Orbs, Mists, Apparition)
  •     Self-defense Techniques from Ghosts
  •     Possessed Symptoms
  •     Black Magic
  •     White Magic
  •     Gems, Stones, Crystals
  •     Space & Time
  •     Anti-Gravity
  •     Birth and End of Universe
  •     Mortals and Immortals

Compiled by SPI Agent – Kenny