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Win Tickets for – BLAIR WITCH Special Preview

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BLAIR WITCH Special Preview (NC 16)

Date: 14 September 2016, Wed

Time: 6:30PM – 7:00PM

Venue: Cathay Orchard Cineleisure, Level 4

The movie is rated NC16 and persons below 16 years old will strictly not be admitted




It’s been 20 years since James’s sister and her two friends vanished into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland while researching the legend of the Blair Witch, leaving a trail of theories and suspicions in their wake.

James and his friends Peter, Ashley and film student Lisa venture into the same woods each with a camera to uncover the mysteries surrounding their disappearance.

At first the group is hopeful, especially when a pair of locals Lane and Talia offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods.  But as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence.

Slowly, they begin to realize the legend is all too real and more sinister than they could have imagined.



James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Corbin Reid, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson, Valorie Curry


Directed by:

Adam Wingard


BLAIR WITCH opens 15th September 2016 in Singapore and is jointly distributed by Clover Films and Cathay Keris-Films.



Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) – Vidcast Episode 13 – Haunted Roads

Bob Gimlin speaks out about Bigfoot footage

A still frame from the original Bluff Creek video. Image Credit: Roger Patterson / Bob Gimlin
One of the two men who filmed the infamous Bluff Creek Bigfoot video has long regretted his involvement.

Filmed in 1967 in Northern California, the Patterson-Gimlin film has long remained the most hotly debated and tantalising piece of footage ever recorded in relation to the Bigfoot phenomenon.

The video, which offers a clear view of a large bipedal ape-like creature walking along the creek bed, soon became world-famous and attracted the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts and critics alike.

Patterson himself sadly passed away back in 1972 which means that Bob Gimlin, who sold his share of the rights to the film to another researcher for the measly sum of $10, is now the only person left alive who knows what really happened that day.

The level of harassment and abuse he has since received over the footage however has left him wishing that he had never agreed to take part in the original expedition in the first place.

“It ruined me,” he said. “They’d come driving in my driveway all times of the night and go ‘Bob! We want to go out Bigfoot hunting.’ My wife was a teller at a savings and loan institution. Of course, she was sitting right there and the public would come in and make smart remark.”

“This went on and on and on until she come home crying. She’d say, ‘I’m not tough enough.’ A couple times we were going to split up over this.”

Despite these problems however Gimlin still maintains that he knows what he saw that day.

“I can understand why they don’t believe in it – because I didn’t believe it either. But I saw one. And I know what I saw. And I know it wasn’t a man in a suit. It couldn’t have been.”