(Yellow Tower) Amber Beacon. East Coast Park, Singapore

The story of sightings at Amber Beacon in East Coast Park has been a long-standing folktale in urban Singapore.

Amber Beacon is located near Carpark C in East Coast, close to Singa Inn Restaurant and Parkland Golf Driving Range. It is an unmanned beacon, which still functions to direct ships on the Eastern seaboard of Singapore.

The public is allowed access up the staircase of the tower into a small “gallery” (in maritime language) at the top.

Legend has it that on random nights, passers-by and visitors to the area see an apparition at the top of the staircase on Amber Beacon, or hear cries coming from the gallery at the top of the beacon. The story that has been hitherto circulating is that a young lady was gang raped and murdered at the top of the tower.

After much research, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators discovered some leads on the case:

1.       The incident occurred in 1990

2.       The girl involved in the case was 21 year old Kelly Tan Ah Hong

3.       She was attacked at the staircase (not the gallery) in Amber Beacon

4.       She was on a date with ex-schoolmate James Soh Fook Leong

5.       She died soon after the attack, while Mr Soh survived

6.      * There was no evidence of rape  (See newspaper article below)

There are however, still some unknowns about the case:

1.       The motive of the attack is unclear. The attackers did pass by Ms Tan and Mr Soh prior to the latter’s ascend up the tower steps, and returned to stab them with sharp objects, presumably knives

2.       It is unclear as to whether the attackers are still at large, even 24 years later

3.       Evidence of EMF and EVP has not been collected

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Contributed By  :
Mohd Ariffin (Chief Paranormal Investigator, SPI)
Yasser Mattar (SPI Editor)