Golden Village Horror Film Festival

Golden Village unleashes Horror Film Festival helmed by riveting line-up of
the best horror films


Horror takes center stage as Golden Village unleashes its first Horror Film Festival equipped with a diverse line-up of the region’s best new horror films interlaced with ghoulish terror to leave new and old fans of horror wanting more.

Get your adrenaline pumping as the festival kicks off on opening night, 27 October with a team of Singapore Paranormal Investigators as they let you in on their spooky encounters while exploring “haunted” buildings in Singapore.

Not forgetting the opening film, The Promise, a Thai horror with a plot of a broken promise between two friends Ib and Boum who decide to commit suicide together after a financial crisis. The Promise is the highest grossing horror movie in Thailand this year and will hit Singapore cinemas island-wide on 16 November after the Horror Film Festival.

On the film slate are also award-winning films The Autopsy of Jane Doe (English), The Bride (Mandarin), The Evil Within (English) and Dearest Sister (Laos). Dearest Sister is also the first Laotian film to have been selected to compete in the running for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, 90th Academy Awards.

Horror-film junkies can catch the festival at Golden Village Plaza and Golden Village Yishun for one of the most ghoulish movie experiences in Singapore. Movie tickets for the opening night are priced at $10 (Members) and $13 (Public).
Below is a schedule of the screenings of the upcoming movies.

Date Time Location Movie Runtime
Opening Night: 7:00pm – 7:25pm 7:30pm GV Plaza Tales from Singapore Paranormal Investigators
Fri, 27 Oct 7.30pm The Prromise  114mins
Sat, 28 Oct 2:00pm GV Yishun The Autopsy of Jane Doe 99 mins
Sat, 28 Oct 4:00pm GV Yishun The Bride 88 mins
Sat, 28 Oct 7:20pm GV Plaza The Evil Within 98 mins
Sun, 29 Oct 2:00pm GV Plaza The Autopsy of Jane Doe 99 mins
Sun, 29 Oct 4:00pm GV Yishun Dearest Sister 101 mins
Mon, 30 Oct 7:20pm GV Yishun The Autopsy of Jane Doe 99 mins
Mon, 30 Oct 7:20pm GV Plaza Dearest Sister 101 mins
Tue, 31 Oct 7:20pm GV Plaza The Bride 88 mins
Tue, 31 Oct 9:25pm GV Plaza The Evil Within 98 mins
Tue, 31 Oct 7:20pm GV Yishun The Promise 114 mins

For more information on Horror Film Festival and new movie releases, please visit Tickets are available for purchase at all GV cinemas, on GV’s website and via the iGV app (available on iPhones and Android).


The Promise
Thai (English & Chinese Subtitles) / PG13 / Horror / 114 mins

In 1997, the financial crash, known in Thailand as the Tom Yum Goong Crisis, was a disastrous event that crept over Asia and left millionaires bankrupt overnight.

A bright future which two best friends, Boum and Ib, pictured together fell apart when they found out that their families were going bankrupt. All of their assets were seized to satisfy their debts. The construction of a premium luxury condominium, which their parents jointly invested in, had been suspended. Unable to accept the harsh truth, they decided to end their lives together at the unfinished tower, where they promised to be together forever. In the end, Ib died all alone.

Twenty years later, Boum (Numthip Jongrachatawiboon) becomes a successful real estate entrepreneur. One day, she gets to visit the abandoned tower with her beloved daughter, Bell (Apichaya Thongkham). That night, however, Boum wakes up and finds Bell sleepwalking and talking to herself in the dark. Bell’s sleepwalking condition continues to worsen every night. What concerns Boum the most is that Bell’s action and words in her sleepwalking state frighteningly remind Boum of Ib.

What measures will Boum take to release herself from the promise that binds her? “Promise me you won’t leave me.”


Dearest Sister
Laos (English Subtitles) / PG13 / Horror and Coarse Language / 101mins

A Lao village girl travels to Vientiane to care for her rich cousin who has mysteriously lost her sight, and somehow gained the ability to communicate with the dead. Matters are further driven by the cousin’s ambivalent marriage with an Estonian expat, who has his own dark secrets to hide.
 Fribourg International Film Festival 2017
o Nominated Grand Prix : Mattie Do
 Hermosillo International Film Festival, Mexico 2016
o Nominated Festival Prize Best International Feature Film :
Mattie Do (director)
 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival 2016
o 2nd place Focus Asia Award – Special Mention : Mattie Do
 Oscars – 90th Academy Awards 2018
o Nominated Best Foreign Language Film


The Autopsy of Jane Doe
English / Rating to be advised

A father and son, both coroners, are pulled into a complex mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman, who was apparently harboring dark secrets.
 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2017
o Nominated Saturn Award Best Horror Film
 Austin Fantastic Fest 2016
o Won Best Picture Horror Features : André Øvredal
 Celluloid Screams – Sheffield Horror Film Festival 2016
o Won Audience Award Best Feature Film : André Øvredal (director)
 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2017
o Nominated Chainsaw Award Best Limited Release Film Best Score : Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans
 Fantastic Fest 2016
o Won Fantastic Fest Jury Award Best Picture (Horror Features) :
Matt Gant (production designer)
o Won Best Picture (Horror Features) : André Øvredal, Fred Berger & Roman Osin

 iHorror Awards 2017
o Nominated iHorror Award Best Direct Release Horror
o Best Horror Director : André Øvredal
o Best Actor – Horror Film : Emile Hirsch
 Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2016
o Nominated Jury Prize Best Film : André Øvredal (director)
 Monster Fest 2016
o Won Jury Prize Best International Feature : André Øvredal
 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards 2016
o Nominated Rondo Statuette Best Movie
 Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival 2016
o Won Special Prize of the Jury Feature Film :
o André Øvredal (director)
o Fred Berger (producer)
o Matt Gant (production designer)
o Roman Osin (director of photography)
 Toronto International Film Festival 2016
o 2nd place People’s Choice Award Midnight Madness : André Øvredal

The Bride
Mandarin (English & Chinese Subtitles) / M18/ Horror and Sexual Scene/ 88mins

TV producer Cheng-ho is having a time of his life. His career in the TV station is going well, and he also starts living together with his fiancée. But ever since he picks up a red envelope in a park, he keeps having a nightmare about an old mansion. After paying a visit to a psychic, he realizes that it is his memory of the previous incarnation.
Since her childhood, senior-high-school girl Yin-yin often sees things that don’t “exist”. Lately, such vision happens more and more frequently, and leaving her quite adrift. She knows that she has the vision to see ghosts, but she chooses to ignore it. Until one day, she gets possessed by a female ghost while training with the swim team.
The mystery of Cheng-ho’s previous incarnation, the distance between Yin-yin and the underworld, all come together in a mysterious way.
Japanese master of horror and Taiwanese rising director team up in making a brand-new horror movie, and challenge the limit of unknown terror.
 Taipei Film Festival 2016
o Nominated Festival Prize Best Narrative Feature : Lingo Hsieh


The Evil Within
English / R21/ Coarse Language, Some Violence and Nudity / 98mins

A mentally handicapped boy who lives with his older brother is ordered by a sadistic creature in his dreams to go on a murderous rampage.
 Calgary Horror Con 2017
o Won Award Best Feature :
o Andrew Getty (director)
o Supernova LLC (production company)
o Writers Studio, The (production company)
 Fantasporto 2017
o Won International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award Best Actor:
o Frederick Koehler
o Supernova LLC (production company)
o Writers Studio, The (production company)