SPI responded to an informant, who found an unidentified “stucture” in a forested area

An informant has earlier emailed us a picture of an unidentified stationery “structure” in a forested area, which he found the place a bit spooky for him.

SPI had followed up with him and pin point the location, to a forested area in Hougang.


On 5 Oct 13, from 2pm, 3 SPI investigators went to the suggested location to find out more.

It wasn’t an easy finding the “structure” in the forested area.  After one or two attempts, we still didn’t get to the location of that “structure”

Hence, we decided to get some clues from a nearby Chinese temple.

According to the caretaker of the chinese temple, he told us that, apparently, there was another caretaker, who has been praying and offering to “Na Tuk Kong” (a chinese deity) in that forested area. 

At such, the caretaker directed us (not physically bring us there) of where this shrine could be.   As the direction given by him was not clear, we tried again to find it but failed.  As we didn’t want to give up looking for it, we then went back to the caretaker.  This time, he gave us another route to the location of that shrine. 

With the new route, we finally found the “structured” that the informant had sent us.  It was identified as a burner furnace, which was meant to burn joss papers of sort. 


Our instinct told us that there might be a shrine nearby.  So after walking about 500 metres from the furnace structure, we found many abandoned statues/figurines.   We believed that the Na tuk Kong (the chinese diety) might have been removed from this place.

Successful finding of the structure and defining it as a burner or furnace  and discovery of abandoned statues and figurines.

Investigators involved  – TingTing, Chee Chay and SPI trainee Pang Yun Min

Complied and reported by
SPI Investigator, TingTing