White Shoes and Mirror

Thank you Lina for contributing her story.

After seeing SPI’s post a picture of abandoned house in Ipoh recently, I saw white shoes and a mirror on the floor, jog my memory that I encountered a long time ago.

Long time ago, my family and I booked a midnight train to Malaysia to visit a relative who lived in kampong village at that time. It was not until an elderly couple with a young boy living nearby where most villagers didn’t know of their presence. A child to whom many villagers’ kids loved to play but the boy was not a normal child that village kids were unware of his strange behaviour and find him no problem but looked like a normal child.

One day, when the village kids called out to him at his house and he appeared from nowhere, stood behind them and they gave a ‘yep’ or ‘jump off’ from fright. I was about 15 year old at that time and noticed a strange boy with no shoes on, stared at ‘something’ while the kids busying played marbles without him.

I knew that a strange boy was living with an elderly couple because his parents had passed on. He looked normal but something was not right about him, I sensed. But I was wondered why he was not wearing his shoes. Indeed, strange! Most of the time, he wore no shoes when he played with his friends.

A week later or so, many villagers gathered to an elderly couple’s house when they heard that there was a ritual taken place.

All villagers and kids went to the house as this was their first time. A strange boy whom they knew him as sweet little boy, has been living with his grandparent’s house. The wooden windows were closed most of the time. One of the villagers peeped thru the wooden window to see what was happening inside. Shocked and frightened, the white shoes and mirror placed against the wall on the floor of an elderly couple’s home. A villager went home and felt sick for days. I couldn’t figure out what will happen to him then and later that day, he passed on. I was shocked and sad. Nobody knows what had happened to him after he saw something which they did not see.

Again, I felt something weird about the boy as if it was telling me that he was a ghost or something which I could not confirmed. But strangest of all, he wasn’t wearing his shoes on whenever he went out to play.

One night, as I was walking back to my relative’s kampong just a few meters away from the boy’s house. I noticed there was a ‘dim’ light in the room of an elderly couple’s house. I paid no attention to it, Suddenly, I heard a soft ‘cries’ from the house and I rushed to an elderly couple’s house, only to find the couple weeping softly, holding the white shoes to their chest, the boy was nowhere in sight.

I stood there frozen on the ground, sensing something was not right. Then I approached the couple of what had happened to the boy. I was shocked to see the ritual took place, white shoes and a mirror got to do with a strange boy. The elderly couple told me that their grandson was dead long ago and they managed to see him thru this ritual every night, not because of the couple wished to see but the boy loved to see them! Thus he appeared to them as normal and the village kids could see him too. I was too shocked to hear the ritual took place and I remember the folklore tales but not many people know of its existence to this day that happened in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

After I was told, the elderly couple was nowhere to be seen when the villagers were looking for them, only to find the house in ruins, the white shoes and a mirror were still there. Later, I realised that I was talking to the ghosts!
Compiled by Lina

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