SPI picture – “white small figure”

Contributed by Lina Koh.  Taken in a forested area among abandoned chinese culture praying items.  What do you think it was?

face on tree

SPI Picture – 2 shaped like shadow man

Shaped like man /shadow man captured by our SPI camera, in an abandoned container at the old rifle range Singapore.  What do you think?>

old rifle house



“Baby face” video/pic taken by SPI

This video footage / pic taken by SPI in a forested area.  What do you think it is?  Looks so baby face!



White Shoes and Mirror

Thank you Lina for contributing her story.

After seeing SPI’s post a picture of abandoned house in Ipoh recently, I saw white shoes and a mirror on the floor, jog my memory that I encountered a long time ago.

Long time ago, my family and I booked a midnight train to Malaysia to visit a relative who lived in kampong village at that time. It was not until an elderly couple with a young boy living nearby where most villagers didn’t know of their presence. A child to whom many villagers’ kids loved to play but the boy was not a normal child that village kids were unware of his strange behaviour and find him no problem but looked like a normal child.

One day, when the village kids called out to him at his house and he appeared from nowhere, stood behind them and they gave a ‘yep’ or ‘jump off’ from fright. I was about 15 year old at that time and noticed a strange boy with no shoes on, stared at ‘something’ while the kids busying played marbles without him.

I knew that a strange boy was living with an elderly couple because his parents had passed on. He looked normal but something was not right about him, I sensed. But I was wondered why he was not wearing his shoes. Indeed, strange! Most of the time, he wore no shoes when he played with his friends.

A week later or so, many villagers gathered to an elderly couple’s house when they heard that there was a ritual taken place. Read more

Mum films ‘ghost’ on baby monitor

A Victorian mother claims she’s captured evidence of ghostly spirits on her baby’s video monitor.

Jade Yates from Barongarook, Victoria uploaded the clip taken from her daughter Ruby’s baby monitor to Facebook claiming she has no explanation for the eerie footage.

“Who believes in goasts (sic); I didn’t until about 5 mins ago,” she said in a comment.

“What I see is a baby older than Ruby, and as it’s able to sit up/stand up.” Read more

Ghostly monk filmed at old abandoned church

The ruined building has a long and varied past. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Brookie
Two paranormal investigators recorded a strange figure during a visit to a church in Clophill, England.

48-year-old Dean Johnson and his partner Charlie had traveled to the ruins of Old St Mary’s Church earlier this month in the hope of capturing something paranormal on camera.

“We had been standing on the public road outside the church for 10 minutes and my partner Charlie was testing the camera on his phone,” said Dean. “When Charlie looked back at his camera footage there appeared to be a black hooded monk walking across the archway.”

The pair remain adamant that nobody else had been there at the time and upon further investigation they discovered that the tower was locked meaning that the figure would have had nowhere to go. Read more