Mum films ‘ghost’ on baby monitor

A Victorian mother claims she’s captured evidence of ghostly spirits on her baby’s video monitor.

Jade Yates from Barongarook, Victoria uploaded the clip taken from her daughter Ruby’s baby monitor to Facebook claiming she has no explanation for the eerie footage.

“Who believes in goasts (sic); I didn’t until about 5 mins ago,” she said in a comment.

“What I see is a baby older than Ruby, and as it’s able to sit up/stand up.” Read more

Ghostly monk filmed at old abandoned church

The ruined building has a long and varied past. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Brookie
Two paranormal investigators recorded a strange figure during a visit to a church in Clophill, England.

48-year-old Dean Johnson and his partner Charlie had traveled to the ruins of Old St Mary’s Church earlier this month in the hope of capturing something paranormal on camera.

“We had been standing on the public road outside the church for 10 minutes and my partner Charlie was testing the camera on his phone,” said Dean. “When Charlie looked back at his camera footage there appeared to be a black hooded monk walking across the archway.”

The pair remain adamant that nobody else had been there at the time and upon further investigation they discovered that the tower was locked meaning that the figure would have had nowhere to go. Read more

Happy Hungry Ghost Festival!

Happy Hungry Ghost Festival!

Hungry Ghost Month from 14 Aug to 12 Sep 2015.

Pabna school closed over ‘toilet ghost’ panic

Several pupils have fallen ill after entering a bathroom attributed with the death of a schoolgirl.

The unusual series of events, which took place in the Pabna District of Bangladesh, began on Wednesday when 11-year-old Rumi Khatun became seriously ill and later died in hospital after using a bathroom at the Bordanagar Govt. Primary School.

Soon afterwards several other pupils at the school also started to feel ill after using the toilets, prompting the belief that a ghost had taken up residence there. Before long concerns over the matter had grown to the point where the school had to be closed down.

Locals later attempted to solve the problem by using a special ritual to try and cleanse the building.

“People use to believe that there is a ghost in the school as there was a long palm tree rumored to have a ghost many years ago,” said Ataur Rahman Tota, chairman of the Saikola Union Parishad.

“After the schoolgirl died, locals believe that it was the same ghost now taking shelter in the toilet. That is why we have taken a step to remove the ghost from the school.”

It isn’t clear whether his efforts have succeeded in preventing any further incidents.


Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Hidden away down an overgrown road, in a village not far from Bangkok, there lies a curious museum known to many as the ‘Thailand Hell Horror Park’. Built adjacent to a local temple, the Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden – as it is correctly named – brings to life Buddhist teachings about the torments of the underworld, in a series of increasingly gruesome scenes.

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden is the largest hell garden in Thailand. At the entrance of the monastery garden, a brightly colored sign reads “Welcome To Hell” Further inside the garden, another sign reads:

If you meet the Devil in this life, don’t postpone merit-making which will help you to defeat him in the next life.

At the start of the garden trial sits a giant “fat Buddha” statue. Numerous cement-and-plaster statues depicting life in a Buddhist hell can be found throughout the garden. After a series of relatively peaceful, spiritual scenes, the visitor turns a corner to see a diorama depicting Buddhist hell. Two large figures named ‘Nai Ngean’ and ‘Nang Thong’ stand high above the tortured souls of the garden; their emaciated appearance, long necks and distended bellies seems to mark them as Preta, the ‘hungry ghosts’ of Thai folklore.

Around the feet of these figures are arranged 21 tortured souls, each with the head of a different animal. These animalistic characterisations reflect the nature of each soul’s sin; plaques at the feet of each feature inscriptions such as:

Ones who make a corruption are punished in the hell, they are named as the spirits of the pigs.

Ones who sell the habit-performing drugs are punished in the hell, they are named as the spirits of the cows.

Other designations include the ungrateful becoming tigers, jealous people being named rabbits and a bird head given to those who steal cooked rice.

After this first area come illustrations of the specific punishments for a list of very particular crimes. These include depictions of human sinners being ripped apart by the dogs of Hell,burnt alive in boiling cauldrons,disembowelled by birds, and having their head replaced with that of an animal.

Donation boxes located next to each scene encourage penance through charity. They also detail the sins likely to incur the depicted torture; these range from a woman being crushed in a vice for committing aborticide, to a man having his head savagely knocked off for undermining Buddhism.





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Woman ‘pushed by a ghost’ in Santiago

34-year-old Cecilia Carrasco was inexplicably flung to the ground while standing beside a reception desk.

Bizarre CCTV footage has emerged this week showing a Chilean woman
standing next to a desk in the lobby of her lawyer’s office when she is
suddenly thrown backwards on to the floor by an unseen force to the
surprise of those around her.

When asked about the incident she
claimed that she had felt two hands pushing her just before she fell
down and couldn’t believe that the culprit hadn’t been picked up on the

“I wasn’t aware of anybody in front of me as I passed the
reception desk talking to a girl, and as I looked towards the
receptionist I suddenly felt two pairs of hands shove me over,” she

“I hit the floor but when I looked up I couldn’t see anybody, and I thought they probably had run off.”

ended up spending three days in hospital as a result of her injuries
and had to take time off work. The incident left her so shaken that she
is now reluctant to leave her house.

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