‘Ghost doctor’ spotted stalking the corridors of abandoned hospital

Once a proud medical institution, Poole Hospital sanatorium originally opened in 1932 and shut its doors in 1989

Poole Hospital and Grey Towers Hall

Visit: Can you see “a man dressed in all white” at the end of the hallway?

Is this the figure of a ghost stalking the corridors of an abandoned hospital?

Taken in the 1990s, the picture of a deserted sanatorium is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

After the pictures of Poole Hospital were published in the Gazette, readers claimed they could see “a man dressed in all white” who looks like a doctor at the end of the hallway.

Posting on Facebook, Jo Griffiths said: “Just looked through the photos and on picture 20 it looks like a man dressed all in white at the end of the corridor!”

And others soon agreed, with Jo Savage replying: “Spooky”, while Brad Allen said: “I’m convinced.”

Bob Murray added: “Was spooky, few experiences. After Poole was closed Cleveland Police used Grey Towers for dog training.

“No dog would go into the chapel would not go past the door the police handler could not believe it.”

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And Keith Shorten said: “I done security up there on permanent nights when it closed down and believe me I did not look forward to my shifts.”

The main building was demolished around 2002 for housing. Grey Towers Hall has now been converted in to flats.

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SPI picture – “white small figure”

Contributed by Lina Koh.  Taken in a forested area among abandoned chinese culture praying items.  What do you think it was?

face on tree

SPI Picture – 2 shaped like shadow man

Shaped like man /shadow man captured by our SPI camera, in an abandoned container at the old rifle range Singapore.  What do you think?>

old rifle house



“Baby face” video/pic taken by SPI

This video footage / pic taken by SPI in a forested area.  What do you think it is?  Looks so baby face!



White Shoes and Mirror

Thank you Lina for contributing her story.

After seeing SPI’s post a picture of abandoned house in Ipoh recently, I saw white shoes and a mirror on the floor, jog my memory that I encountered a long time ago.

Long time ago, my family and I booked a midnight train to Malaysia to visit a relative who lived in kampong village at that time. It was not until an elderly couple with a young boy living nearby where most villagers didn’t know of their presence. A child to whom many villagers’ kids loved to play but the boy was not a normal child that village kids were unware of his strange behaviour and find him no problem but looked like a normal child.

One day, when the village kids called out to him at his house and he appeared from nowhere, stood behind them and they gave a ‘yep’ or ‘jump off’ from fright. I was about 15 year old at that time and noticed a strange boy with no shoes on, stared at ‘something’ while the kids busying played marbles without him.

I knew that a strange boy was living with an elderly couple because his parents had passed on. He looked normal but something was not right about him, I sensed. But I was wondered why he was not wearing his shoes. Indeed, strange! Most of the time, he wore no shoes when he played with his friends.

A week later or so, many villagers gathered to an elderly couple’s house when they heard that there was a ritual taken place. Read more