Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) – Vidcast Episode 10 – German Girl Shrine

Online supernatural figure, cited in relation to a number of real-life incidents, is heading to the big screen

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 LuxAmber
A movie based on the mythical online figure Slender Man is reportedly on the way.

The meme, which originated in 2009, centres on a supernatural character who abducts and stalks others, especially children. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony division Screen Gems is set to produce the film, with the script by David Birke, whose credits include Paul Verhoeven’s upcoming thriller Elle.

The figure originated on website Something Awful as part of a Photoshop contest. Eric Knudsen submitted images of a man with long arms and featureless face, and the character spawned a mythology and various games as well as a low-budget film in 2013. TV shows such as Supernatural and Law and Order have also used the character as inspiration.

In 2014, Slender Man also made headlines when the character was connected to a number of real life incidents. In Wisconsin, two 12-year-old girls stabbed a classmate to allegedly please the character, while later that year a 14-year-old girl set her house on fire, with her family inside, citing a similar motivation.

News of a film follows rumours that the next series of American Horror Story will also focus on the character, while a HBO documentary called Beware the Slenderman recently premiered at SXSW.

Elderdly woman spooked into parting of her savings

Taken from a local newspaper in malaysia. thus i heard from my acquaintance, another story, that an auntie from malaysia, turned her head when someone tapped her shoulders and asked her directions, she somehow being hypnotized to asked her to go home to retrieved her jewelleries and thousands of cash for this person.  and she did!  she doesnt knows why or what happened during that time! By the time she realised her money and jewelleries gone, too late and she makes a police report!  Read more

SPI – St John’s Island Investigation Pictures

SPI investigated at St John’s Island and here are some of the pictures we captured.

10348311_769731109738661_5311438077967414803_n 10294439_10152118730477358_1373632498833571836_n 10014611_10152016082437358_1236790731_n 10003460_10152016147937358_135192438_n 1978753_10152012718642358_1420976235_n 1978852_472721749494458_55217358_n 1896790_10152016082467358_276243259_n 1901692_10152012718532358_2123914024_n 1888711_10152016082447358_1882884625_n 1240394_10152016082452358_1127104061_n 1238998_10152016082432358_823371251_n 1017731_10152016144332358_1211483854_n 10359517_769730649738707_4230429886432648000_n 539242_10152475330768488_1174580532_n 1925159_10152015996087358_1285527844_n

SPI picture – “white small figure”

Contributed by Lina Koh.  Taken in a forested area among abandoned chinese culture praying items.  What do you think it was?

face on tree

SPI Picture – 2 shaped like shadow man

Shaped like man /shadow man captured by our SPI camera, in an abandoned container at the old rifle range Singapore.  What do you think?>

old rifle house